We are proud to be the suppliers of the industry’s first fully integrated UV and Colour Measurement module, which will form a product extension to our existing B305 Preform Inspection System. The new module aims to overcome both the high costs of dosing UV and colour additive into PET resin and the subjectivity of human decision making regarding quality control and colour acceptance.


At Torus we understand the requirement for preform manufacturers to dose UV and colour additive into PET resin but realise it comes at a cost. Additive costs are commonly high and whilst most companies have some ability to monitor dosing, it is often over compensated for confidence in container barrier performance. We wanted to alleviate this cost for our customers and therefore have developed technology that enables them to have the ability to measure the amount of UV and colour in the preform at the production line, by closely monitoring their dosing process thus reducing their additive costs.


When it comes to colour measurement, this has traditionally been monitored manually, however quality control and colour acceptance becomes difficult and subjective due to human decision making. Torus’ innovative technology allows the gauge to monitor any drift in the process and quickly identify any quality risk, saving on scrap, additives and improving production efficiency.   


The new UV & Colour module for the B305 Automatic Preform Inspection System forms one of 8 optional modules offered on the B305 gauge, which also enables cavity and tool traceability on weight, dimensions, internal diameter, body contaminations, gate and seal inspections and polarised light. Part data can be read directly from the injection machine and output electronically into various process control software’s. Intelligent failure sorting routines eliminate the need for operators to search through defects, streamlining the production process and ensuring it functions at maximum efficiency.


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