So in just a month's time we’ll be packing our bags and flying across the pond to the USA!

We are returning once again to exhibit at Cannex & Fillex, which is conveniently being held this year in Denver Colorado, home of our American subsidiary Torus Americas. And with us we will be bringing a multitude of great things!

On our booth, number 721, expect to find a mixture of old and new metal packaging equipment. We’ll be bringing with us our popular Z340 Semi-Automatic Benchtop Coating Analyser, the Z345 Automatic Colour Inspection System (powered by X-rite) and the recently launched Z703 manual rim coat inspection system.

However further to all that, we also have two brand new amazing gauges to show you all:

1)      Z604 Food Can End Enamel Rater

z604 food end enamel rater

Built on the success of the Z604 Beverage Can End Enamel Rater, the new addition to the series uses a triple contact 100% connectivity check system to test the integrity of the lacquer or coating on food can ends.

2)      Z606 Automatic Score Gauge

z606 score gauge

The highly anticipated score gauge measures the score related features of BOTH beverage and food can ends using a state of the art interferometry sensor. The system will be automatically loaded, with a dedicated pick and place handling arrangement to load each component into the gauge, saving on manual change tooling and vastly reducing the time of quality checks. Primary features measured include score average, maximum and minimum residual. The Z606 can additionally measure score width top/bottom, profile form and rivet diameter in two positions. A 3D visual representation of the score profile at each measured position shall be available for the operator once the measurement cycle is complete.