Modular Machine Guarding

For machine safeguarding, our automation guarding systems provide machine guarding that's easy, attractive, and safe. The safety fencing machine guarding is modular, so provides a custom machine guard fencing solution for perimeters.

Key Features

  • Built off-site
  • Fast on-site assembly/installation
  • Customised protective system
  • Flexible modular system for modification and extension

Custom Machine Guarding

Torus' automation guarding systems are designed specifically to suit your requirements and help protect your employees from hazardous working environments. The flexibility of the modular machine guarding enables a fully customisable system which is cost effective and offers the added benefit of efficient on-site installation. The protective systems meet the strict European standards for protective barriers so it's ideal for machine safeguarding.

If you need to buy machine tool guarding, our custom machine guarding is perfect for perimeter guarding, machine enclosures, and factory fencing. The clean lines and anodized aluminum surface provide an attractive, modern appearance, while at the same time keeping your plant safe and secure.

Torus' automation guarding systems give you more flexibility and versatility than any other perimeter guarding/enclosure system available. With pre-assembled, ready-to-use components, our machine gaurding is easy to plan, quick to install and integrates easily with other existing structures, such as conveyors, ergonomic workstations and custom machinery.


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