RemoteXplorer Software

Remote support has been available for many years via Torus’ global helpdesk team, but only now can ‘eyes on’ support be offered via a new extension of Torus’ traditional GaugeXplorer software, RemoteXplorer. With the permission of customers, the gauges can now be monitored visually using RemoteXplorer’s newly developed pan and tilt camera system and software package.

Torus RemoteXplorer Screenshot

Standard features:

  • Pan and Tilt Camera System - Provides positional adjustment around the 340 degree field of view.
  • Remote Zoom and Focus - up to 15 pre-set programmable positions ensuring all metrology aspects of each module are covered.
  • Video Recording and Image Capture Capability,
  • Multiple Camera Modules within larger gauging platforms can be added to provide visual coverage across the full gauging system.
 Benefits to your business:
  • Remote visual access to assess potential problems and solutions. 
  • Offers enhanced levels of support. 
  • Reduces reaction and response times. 
  • Reduces potential downtime situations. 
  • Reduces onsite service costs. 
  • Completely secure remote access.
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