Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data Acquisition

Using industry standard database platforms, SPCXplorer is suitable for single station application, through to full factory database-centric network installations.Statistical Process Control (SPC) software is essential for manufacturing wide quality monitoring.

With our database migration tools and backward compatibility architecture, users of the previous generation Repro2000 can upgrade with minimal disruption to their daily operation.

Designed with the needs of shop-floor data collection in mind, SPCXplorer can be interfaced to a large variety of manual instrumentation via RS232 connectivity, or for more complex gauging systems, can process bespoke ASCII data files via Ethernet.

The Reporting module ensures the data is displayed in the right format for your quality reviews, and with its simple and powerful administration functions, access to the management and configuration areas of the software is password protected for assured security.

SPCXplorer software helps prevent business relative issues before they occur, using data-driven quality analysis. This enables monitoring of production processes with visual diagrams such as Control Charts, customers can create specific control boundaries for all of their process monitoring needs. SPCXplorer detects manufacturing issues before they occur.

Knowing how efficient your processes are running provides operators with valuable information on whether to instigate or adjust their manufacturing processes or carry on with the current process.


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