FaroArm Calibration

As one of the world’s most innovation portable CMM manufacturer’s, Faro design, develop and deliver some of the most trusted metrology arm technology on the market.


Our Faro calibration service covers the following models:

  • Faro Gauge
  • Faro Gauge Plus
  • FaroArm Gold
  • FaroArm Fusion
  • FaroArm Platinum
  • FaroArm EDGE
  • FaroArm Titanium
  • FaroArm Quantum

As with any arm, calibration is essential. Our Faro arm calibration services can be carried out in our temperature-controlled lab or on site where the arm is used.

Our Experience

We’ve been calibrating Faro arms for over ten years, so you can sure our expert engineers with get you the best possible accuracy from your equipment. As well as calibrating the equipment, we also offer cleaning and servicing to ensure it’s in good condition, and provide data on its performance.

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