CMM Pallet Loading Systems

Torus Measurement Systems build and deliver a complete range of pallet loading systems that allow CMM operators to work in a safe position when loading heavy parts onto a CMM bed. 

Bulky components often require heavy lifting equipment to ensure safe handling when loading onto the CMM. This procedure often leads to damage to the CMM component, or worse still, an injury to an employee. Our CMM pallet loading sysyems ensure safety in your workplace without comprimising on CMM accuracey. 

Key Features

CMM Pallet Systems can include:

Basic Kinematic Pallets

  • (300mm x 300mm, 400mm x 400mm and 500mm x 500mm standard sizes)
  • Can be manually loaded onto a repeatable base, which is secured to the CMM table
  • Measurement program is automatically run
  • Requires no clamping
  • System can repeat very accurately and cannot be incorrectly loaded
  • Enables user to change components quickly, no need to re-align the fixture 
  • Sizes: 300mm x 300m, 400mm x 400mm, 500mm x 500m

Manual/Automatic Pallet systems

  • Pallet is manually or automatically moved in and out of the measuring envelope
  • The pallet is either pneumatically clamped in position or uses kinematic locations 
  • Standard pallet sizes: 600mm x 800mm, 600mm x 1200mm, other, ideal for component weight >100kgs
Torus Measurement System's pallet loading system extends away from the CMM and is specifically designed for forklift access to reduce the chance of damage to your vital measurement equipment. Kinematic baseplates ensure a repeatable locating method and can be manually or pneumatically loaded.

Once the part is in secure, the CMM operator manually guides the pallet with the part firmly secured in its end position. The operator then uses the pneumatic kinematic three-point location systme to ensure the pallet and loaded part are in a reputable location. The operator can then run the CMM program in confidence, knowing the part is mounted in the exact same positon each time they use the system. 

Our system can work in conjunction with our CMM enclosures, offering maximum protection of your equipment.


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