CMM Enclosures

Our CMM enclosures provide your CMM machines with protection from contamination as well as improving reliability of measurements and reducing maintenance costs.

Inspection engineers understand that the most frequent influence on accuracy in CMMs is temperature, particularly fluctuations in temperature. Our Modula-Fix Enclosures protect your CMM machine from shop-floor temperature variations by delivering a temperature controlled environment built to your exacting requirements. 

Key Features

  • Built using Bosch aluminium extruded profile 
  • Enclosures can be integrated with a Torus designed Pallet & Transfer System to aid component loading
  • Positive air pressure
  • Removable service panels 
  • Both standard designs and bespoke designs, tailored to your needs available
Our enclosures are designed to protect your CMM, Optical Machine or other Measurement System from the elements in a busy shop-floor environment.

Including options for air conditioning, lighting, pneumatic fit-out, electrical fit-out, and panels for maintenance access, our engineers can design and build ergonomic and practical enclosures to meet your needs.

To ensure our enclosure solution will satisfy all aspects of your operation, we offer a complimentary site survey before the design process commences. The enclosure will be manufactured and installed by our engineers and designed to fit closely around your CMM, thereby maintaining the closest footprint possible. The Enclosure is fitted with easy access service panels for removal when servicing, internal lighting, brush strip cable access and positive air pressure.


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