The B305 gauge is a modular system that can inspect and measure to find all of your preform defects. Each module can be selected by the customer allowing the configuration to suit your quality control needs. Dimensional measurements are calibrated automatically and can be traced to UKAS standards giving the user a full shot quality overview in approximately 15 minutes. 

Key Features

Measurement Features
  • Neck Dimensions – Z,M,B,A,E,X,H,D,J,L,P,S,F,G,T
  • Body Diameter
  • Overall Height
  • Internal Diameter
  • Gate Height
  • Weight
Attribute Checks
  • Gate Stringing
  • Sinkage
  • Support Ledge Roundness/ Deformation
  • Gate Tearing and Gate Void
  • Gate Burning & Roughness
  • Short Shots
  • Sidewall Spots & Imperfections
  • Polarised Preform Image (displayed and recorded for operator evaluation)
  • Cavity ID
The B305 Automatic Preform Gauge provides industry leading 'absolute' dimensional measurement capability. Neck finish and preform body measurements can now be taken in two positions (relative to thread start) in less than ten seconds. The system also contains a self-calibrating function with a Master that is traceable to UKAS standards.
Optional inspection modules include contamination, polarisation, gate and sealing surface defect detection. Weight, Colour and UV measurements allow for preform quality control to reach new levels, without any operator influence.  The package can be configured to suit a budget or production demands by selecting optional modules. Torus’ powerful Gauge Xplorer software adheres to Industry 4.0 guidelines by talking to injection machines, process control software packages and other factory automation.


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