The B304 Top Load & Volume Gauge provides the worlds first in-line combination test for measuring vertical strength and capacity. Data can be presented numerically and graphically, creating a Max Load Vs Deflection signature as the 'live' bottle force is measured.  A traceable batch setup function is provided for further blow moulder to cavity analysis. The test specifics adhere to ASTM D2659 Standards and offer selectable units of Force, adjustable compression speeds with a simple windows based programmable user interface.

Key Features

Measurement Features: 
  • Brim-full Volume
  • Brim-full Height & Fill Height in same operation
  • Dry Top Load Force
  • Wet Top Load Force
  • Empty Bottle Weight
Additional Features:
  • Top load and volume tests combined in one station, removing the need to move the bottle between tests.
  • Optional seal mechanism to simulate capped bottle.
  • Machine and cavity number ID for traceability.
  • Factory calibrated.
  • Simple mains water connectivity.
  • Industrial cabinet for laboratory or shop floor use
Measurement reports include: 
  • Numerical: Empty Bottle Weight, Max Load, Volume
  • Graph of Deflection vs Max Load
  • Pass/Fail displayed on screen
  • Optional printout
  • Flexible data output capability for SPC, CSV, and Excel.
Torus Measurement Systems brings the world’s first single operation Top Load & Volume Test, preventing the need for the operator to move the bottle between tests, and advancing the speed and accuracy of your quality checks. Suitable for use in production or Research & Development.

The gauge enables faster testing with reliable data to help manufacturers verify the bottle strength when lightweighting or designing new bottle structures.

A Wet Top Load Test option is available, adding value to companies who convert and fill the bottle at the same plant.


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