Torus’ Semi-Automatic Load, Volume and Weight Inspection Gauge has been developed to provide combination testing capability in volume capacity, vertical and horizontal strength. The system has been designed to provide measurement capability for several industry standard tests within the same program significantly reducing part setup and part cycle times. 

Key Benefits

  • Tests adhere to ASTM D2659
  • Side Load (Horizontal Load) testing functionality. 
  • Volume and wet compression testing completed in one part program cycle. 
  • Top of finish detection for accurate and repeatable fill height and brimful (overflow) fill positions. 
  • Scan until dip functionality to stop test once elastic limit is passed to reduce cycle time. 
  • Top load tests can be completed, sealed, vented or capped. 
  • Water Service packages to support hard and soft water conditions at customers facility. 
  • Bench mounted for laboratory environments, hardened for shop floors, with optional workbenches provided by Torus.
  • CSV data output and flexible formatting for input into local data handling / control systems at customers facility. 
  • Remote Support Package, which includes automatic gauge monitoring and reporting back to Torus for proactive response. 

Fill Height Volume testing is completed at a programmable Fill Height, and in conjunction with standard Brimful (Overflow Capacity) testing. The system has a continuous flow speed monitoring system, enabling absolute control over fill speeds, and reducing cycle time. 

Top Load testing can be completed on both empty and filled containers, with sealed, vented, and capped test options, providing the full range of test capability to customers. Compression speeds and deflection distances for load testing are fully programmable, with an optional scan-until-dip parameter to stop the test once elastic limit is passed, reducing cycle time. 

Torus has recently released the Side Load test function which can be completed on both empty and filled containers, providing the critical information in horizontal load testing. 

Graphical display of Load vs Deflection live on screen throughout test cycle with final graphical report available with CSV Data output. 


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