Torus’ Manual Thickness Inspection gauge has been developed to provide a simple solution to single sided thickness measurement on plastic components. Using state-of-the-art optical white light technology for rapid non-contact reliable inspection, the system takes advantage of a live and continuous measurement mode enabling quick thickness checks without the requirement for batch setup. 

Key Benefits

  • Live and continuous measurement mode for quick checks. 
  • No limitation of measurement component size and shape.
  • Offering an alternative option to industry standard thickness inspection equipment, Magna Mike. 
  • Single side measurement 
  • Interchangeable thickness sensor for 0.04mm – 8.00mm measurement range. 
  • Portable measurement solution for measurement outside of system volume. 
  • Sample fixturing capability of baseplate. 
  • Benchtop system, lightweight design for transportation in flight case. 
  • Suitable for a wide variety of translucent applications.
  • CSV data output and flexible formatting for input into local data handling / control systems at customers facility. 

The system has been integrated into a small benchtop footprint, allowing for ease of transportation around production facilities within a suitable transportation or flight case, which can be supplied by Torus. 

The portability of the system allows the operator to measure components outside of the machine measurement volume, with a fibre-optic cable reach of up to 1.5m. For smaller sample inspection, parts can be manually presented to the measurement head, or held in a fixture mounted to the tapped holes found on the system base plate. Specific fixture requirements can be designed and manufactured by Torus for supply with the measurement system. 

Typically thickness inspection systems from Torus have been designed to measure packaging products, however, this solution, with flexibility in mind, is capable of measuring thickness on any translucent sample within the stated measurement thickness range. 


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