Arm Portable Workstation

Portable workstations for measuring arms enable effective and efficient measurement by locating all aspects of measuring equipment and fixturing in one handy workstation. Ours are built using aluminium extruded profile which provides a robust, hardwearing contruction, with a flexible ergonomic design, tailor made to customer requirements. 

Key Features

Main Elements as standard:

  • Built using robust aluminium extruded profile 
  • Overall size - height: 812mm x length: 800mm x width:600mm.
  • 45mm x 45mm sq anodised aluminium extrusion.
  • 800mm x 600mm x 12mm steel baseplate multi-tapped, M8 @ 50 centres.
  • Scratch-proof Trespa shelf with support struts.
  • Safe working load (SWL) of 250kgs (550 lbs).
  • Blue Foamex panels - other colours are available.
  • Adjustable feet, moveable with pallet truck or similar.
  • Closed profile on external faces.
  • Brush strip at rear for cable access.
  • Protective plastic strip around edge of baseplate.

Carrying multiple pieces of equipment around a shop floor can be cumbersome and time consuming. A Torus Portable Workstation allows all elements of the measurement arm equipment to be moved safely and effortlessly in one handy workstation.

Our mobile workstation units are built using sturdy aluminium framework and can be tailor made to your requirements. A built in fixture plate ensures your measurement arm and fixture setup are secure during measurement.


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