Aerofoil Fixturing

Torus have developed a system, primarily aimed at holding a range of aerofoils. We offer solutions using a variety of roots from firtree to dovetail configurations, as well as the opportunity to create jaws tailor-made to suit any application.

Key Features

  • Repeatable location system with maximum access for probing
  • Interchangeable & reversible locations jaws 
  • Jaws made from stainless steel with ground faces 
  • Twin pivot arm position to increase component capacity 
  • To suit 01 to 6mm roller sizes 
  • Dual clamping, spring or thumbscrew
  • Adjustable end stop, fits either side
  • Torus can 3D print jaws to offer bespoke root holding
  • Torus offer a variety of roots for clamping
Holding aerofoils is often a tricky procedure and can lead to unstable fixturing and therefore unreliable measurement results. Torus have developed a system called Swiftpod, which allows for rapid and simple fixturing of any kind of Aerofoil using the root form. 
We clamp onto a fir tree root using standard, reversible location jaws that can accommodate forms using a Roller size from 1mm up to 6mm. The Jaws have a Vee form, enabling access to measure the root, which removes the need for using accurate rollers.
While firtree roots are standard, we can offer solutions for a variety of roots from firtree to dovetail configurations. Using the CAD model, Torus can 3D print the clamp form which will directly match that of the component, increasing stability and repeatability of the fixture.


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