Utilising state of the art confocal technology , Torus' A543 Knee Gauge inspects the surface of profiles on orthopaedic femoral knees.

Key Features

  • Non-contact Confocal Measurement: Polychromatic white light is focused onto the target surface by a multi lens optical system.  The lenses are arranged so that the white light is dispersed into monochromatic light by controlled chromatic aberration.  A specific distance to the target is assigned to each wavelength by a factory calibration.  Only the wavelength which is exactly focused on the target is used for measurement.  This light reflected from the surface is passed through a confocal aperature onto a spectrometer which detects and processes the spectral changes. 
  • Scanning of Specular and Diffuse Surfaces to CAD
  • Powerful Measurement and Statistical Software
  • Graphical / Numeric Display
  • Shop-floor Hardened
  • The 4-axis motion control system is driven by high accuracy micro-stepping motors giving positional feedback, providing high resolution and high speed with stability and reliability. 
  • Since the emitter and receiver are arranged in a single axis, shadowing is avoided, in contrast to conventional triangulation sensors.
Torus Measurement Systems Surface Profiler measurement system utilises state of the art confocal technology for rapid non-contact inspection of surface profiles on orthopaedic femoral knees, eliminating the need for handheld and subjective profile gauges and comparators. The system is designed for operational use on the shop-floor therefore giving the machine tool operator or quality control personnel a quick and repeatable measurement without having to go to the inspection lab.


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